Revolution™ Back Belt

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The Revolution™ Back Belt utilizes a worlds first reel based tension system for sacroiliac belts. We are excited to incorporate Boa's reversible reel closure system, one on each side of the belt, that allows for a multitude of possibilities for support. The tension proved by this system is superior to elastic bands which breakdown over time, and cannot be finely adjusted. Furthermore this system can be easily adjusted on the fly, permitting the user to quickly find and maintain, the "sweet spot" for best support and pain relief.


Application of this belt also can correct forward bending posture by allowing reflex relaxation of the rectus femoris muscles on the front part of the thighs. This permits the upper portion of the pelvis to move posteriorly, resulting in a more upright posture. This can reduce strain on the low back over time.


Additionally, once the belt is applied, it causes engagement of the trunk muscles, resulting in better low back stability. This is tremendously important for more efficient low back rehabilitation exercises, helping to maintain your results from chiropractic and physiotherapy care, as well as a preventive measure to avoid low back pain, when doing physical work and sports.


Owing to its portability, the Revolution™ Back Belt can help you whether or not if you have low back pain when sitting, standing or during activity by providing consistent support where and when you need it at your finger tips.